Getting Spork Gear

Last updated: 30-Sep-1996

See the shirt graphics

The front graphic is done, scanned, and uploaded. The back graphic still needs to be uploaded. You can see them at Ill put thumbnails of them here shortly.

How do I get my hands on this cool spork gear?

For US$7+S&H you can get yourself a quality spork shirt. It will have a never before seen 3d spork graphic on the front and the slogan ``I saw some guy trying to eat ramen with a spork at'' and an image on the front.

First, you should fill out this order form. But since at the moment I have no selection, just mail $7 + $2 S&H for each shirt you want to the address below.

Shipping Information

Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
City: State/Province: Zip Code:

Order Information

Size: Color: Quantity:

Then you mail your money along with the order form to:

Do not do this. There are no shirts. This site is 20 years old. What's wrong with you?

As I recieve money, I'll make the shirts.

Hey! $7! How much are you making?

Nothing (At $7 bucks, how much could I possibly be making?). In fact, when S&H fits in I'll be at a loss for some people. Unfortuantely, the shirts are of only medium stock, and the decal is nothing more than iron-on (but iron-oned with love dammit! Love!), if you want something more durable, You can send me $24 (Which is out and out highway robbery! If you know someplace that does silkscreening on the cheap, please tell me).

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